Fortnite X Mayhem event showcases new Borderlands content

This is what happens when two popular gaming tastes like Fortnite and Borderlands collide.


Borderlands and Fortnite have joined forces to bring fans of both a special in-game event.

The new Fortnite X Mayhem event is out now, and you'll be able to take part through September 10 as you shoot and loot your way throughout the new Pandora Rift Zone area. There are also plenty of fun themed challenges available to complete for free rewards as well as a new Psycho Bundle available in the shop, just in case you wanted to make sure you look the part.

The Psycho Bundle is basically exactly what it says: it makes you look like a Psycho from Borderlands, complete with a Claptrap Back Bling so you can carry the little robot around with you wherever you go.

The Pandora Rift Zone looks just like an area in Borderlands was ripped from the game and slapped into Fortnite for a pretty cool effect. If you go long enough without taking damage while battling there, you'll generate shield energy. There are "other surprises" as well, says Epic Games, that you'll discover as you run around the map.

Fortnite Creative players also get to try out new Prefabs, change the look of their location with the new camera filter, and more. Anyone who takes a snap can share on social with the hashtag #FortniteXMayhem by September 6 for a chance to be featured on The Block.

There's a slew of new loot as well in the form of the Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle too, just in case you were looking to get your customization on.

Looking to jump in? Be sure to share your thoughts with us!

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