Community Challenge: Mars - Destiny 2

Bungie has called you out, Guardian. You, and the Destiny 2 community, are challenged in the ways of old.


The Community Challenge: Mars is a week-long event coming to Destiny 2. This challenge has been set forth by Bungie, tasking the entire community to complete a whole lot of activities. If you want to get the rewards offered, you will need to rise to the challenge with the community.

Community Challenge: Mars

Destiny 2 Community Challenge Mars objectives
Players will need to complete a lot of activites if they wish to beat the September Community Challenge.

Credit to TSJDuces for this image of Nokris from Destiny 2.

Bungie has revealed in their weekly blog that a challenge is coming to the community of Destiny 2. This event takes place on Mars and lasts for a single week. Within this week, players will need to complete activities on the red planet in order to amass a great deal of clears.

The community challenge is to:

  • Defeat 175,000 Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses
  • Defeat 300,000,000 Hive on Mars
  • Complete Mars Nightfalls
    • Defeat Nokris 150,000 times
    • Defeat Xol 100,000 times
  • Use 300,000 Override Frequences

Thankfully, you are not alone in this battle. Every player, on every platform, will be helping reach these milestones. Whether you’re playing through on PC, Xbox One, or even PlayStation 4, every one of these you complete will be added to the community total.

Get your friends together, check out what the Escalation Protocol rotation is, and start farming for those IKELOS weapons or finishing the Worldline Zero Exotic Catalyst.

For the Escalation Protocol challenge, remember that you can get 9 friends together in the activity. This means each Wave 7 clear counts as nine, as each player is considered one clear.

When does the Community Challenge: Mars start and end?

The Destiny 2 Community Challenge: Mars starts on September 3, 10AM PDT and ends September 10, 10 AM PDT. This gives players exactly one week of play, from weekly reset to weekly reset, to amass the necessary number of activity completions.

It might seem like a short amount of time to get so many clears, but when you consider the entire community will be participating, it wouldn’t be surprising if these numbers get smashed.

Community Challenge: Mars reward

Destiny 2 Community Challenge Mars reward
If the community reaches the above numbers, anyone who completes a Nightfall during the challenge week will receive this emblem.

As for the reward, anyone that completes a Nightfall during the Community Challenge: Mars (and provided the objectives are completed) will receive the Lost City emblem. This emblem has the Rasputin symbol as the icon and the banner is the static, transmission-like effect.

Furthermore, Emperor Calus is also watching. If the objectives are completed, he will make the Menagerie more rewarding. Players will be awarded additional drops for successful Menagerie clears, and a reward will be added each Friday until the season ends.

The Destiny 2 Community Challenge: Mars sets the bar pretty high, asking players to complete a lot of activities. Though with enough players participating, the community should be able to band together and finish it before the event ends, and of course claim their rewards. Sparrow over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more helpful content!

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