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Pet monkeys are coming to Sea of Thieves

The version of Sea of Thieves playable at Gamescom 2019 has pets active, showing monkeys for the first time.


Monkeys are officially one of the pets coming to Sea of Thieves. This information comes hot off the press from Gamescom 2019 where the game itself accidentally revealed the simian microtransactions.

Pet monkeys in Sea of Thieves

How the inclusion of monkeys as pets was revealed is thanks entirely to the game. The build of Sea of Thieves being used at Gamescom 2019 for players to experience Arena happens to include pets. When players load into a match, they’re greeted with a room full of monkeys.

Executive Producer Joe Neate took to Twitter to express his surprise, and to give a friendly jab at colleague, James Thomas. It was just yesterday that Thomas let slip that Rare is working on adding fire to Sea of Thieves, and it seems like he’s not going to live it down anytime soon.

Sea of Thieves pets
Monkeys and parrots have both been confirmed as pets coming as part of Sea of Thieves' microtransactions. But what about cats and dogs?

Now that parrots and monkeys have been confirmed as pets players can buy as part of future microtransactions, players (myself included) want to know what other companions they might be able to purchase. Cats have been a big talking point, as they’ve appeared in the Sea of Thieves Official E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer as well as concept art. Might players also see dogs in the Pirate Emporium one day? Sea of Thieves would surely have to pass the “can you pet the dog?” Twitter test.

Beyond furry animals, players have also expressed an interest in various crustaceans. Our own Greg Burke asked about lobsters during our E3 2019 live stream interview and there exists a crab in all of Sea of Thieves’ content trailers. Players would surely jump at the chance of having a similar crab of their own.

With fire and pets both confirmed, more of our list of things we want in Sea of Thieves is being checked-off. Now, if some of the developers at Rare could cannon over to an island and grab some wooden planks to patch the leaky boat, that would be great. Then again, if they hold off, maybe we’ll get some more juicy leaks tomorrow.

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