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How to use custom music in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Learn how to set up a custom music library and listen to your own tunes in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


While the music in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is nothing to scoff at—especially with over 21 hours of custom-made music just for the game—some might be wondering how to go about using their own tunes in the game. While you can’t connect things like Spotify and Pandora, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw will allow you to set up your own music library so that you can listen to your own playlists while you explore the galaxy. This guide will walk you through all the basic information and steps you need to know to set up your own custom music and listen to it in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

How to use custom music in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

This process all begins in the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launcher. This particular area is where you’ll be able to choose all your basic game settings including graphics, display, audio levels, and of course controls. This is also where you’ll find the controls for custom music, and just like the painting system in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, Double Damage Games has given you a ton of control.

how to use custom music in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Select the Custom Music Paths option in the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw launcher to get started.

First, look for the button labeled Custom Music Paths. This is where you’ll set up all of your custom music. Now, there are quite a few options here, so make sure to pay attention to each of them. If you’d like to set up individual music playlists for different aspects of the game, then you can easily do so. You’ll have an option for the Main Title Music, In-Station Music, Idle Music, Ambient Music, and Combat Music. This gives you an almost unprecedented amount of control over where and how your custom music plays.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw custom music path options
Use the Mixtape Music Path option if you just want to listen to one playlist.

Of course, there’s also just a Mixtape Music path option, which just has your same mixtape playing everyone in the game. If you don’t feel like setting up individual playlists for each section of the game, then the Mixtape option is your best bet. When you’ve set up your music path (which is done by selecting the three dots and then navigating to the folder the music is stored at on your computer), you can then turn on custom music and start jamming away.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw - how to enable custom music
Make sure to tick the box below the Custom Music Paths button to actually enable your own music.

Before you launch the game, though, make sure you select the Custom Music option, as this will enable custom music and prioritize your playlists over the in-game music. You can also choose the combine this music with the original soundtrack option in the music path window if you’d like, which will throw everything together into a big pile.

Now that you know how to set up your own custom music in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, there’s plenty left do. Get the lay of the land by heading over to our Rebel Galaxy Outlaw guides hub, where you’ll find other handy guides to assist you along the way. You can also follow Shacknews on Twitter for even more great content.

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