Magic: The Gathering designer making trivia game with Jeopardy champ

Half Truth is a new kind of trivia game all about making players feel smart.


It looks like both Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings is working with Magic: The Gathering game designer Richard Garfield are joining forces for a whole new trivia game.

Their upcoming project, Half Truth, is an intriguing take on party games that present players with trivia questions and potential answers, where several are real and others are lies. When a player picks a real answer, they get points. When they choose wrong, well, you'll see what happens. That's part of the fun behind the game, which is being produced by Studio 71 and Nighthawk Gaming.

The game is seeking funding via Kickstarter today, and will be an effort to create the cure for the common trivia game, and that means creating something that adds to players' lives.

"I really don’t like ‘who cares?’ trivia,” Jennings said in an interview with Polygon. “Once you hear the answer, it doesn’t add to your life in any way. You want the answer to be funny or surprising in some way, and it’s fun whether or not you know the answer.”

“The design of trivia games tend to make people feel bad, where you spend 10 minutes trying to rack your brain for something you knew in fifth grade. This is trivia that makes people feel smart, you’re surprised at getting the right answers. That’s the joy of trivia, is those little epiphanies," he continued.

The game's Kickstarter campaign is currently up to contribute to and is looking to raise $10,000 by September 20, 2019. It's already surpassed its goal by over $13,000 at the time of writing, with 830 backers and 29 days left in its Kickstarter campaign. It just took three hours to get there – an impressive feat indeed.

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