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How to improve standing in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Complete quests to increase or improve faction standings in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.


Like with Rebel Galaxy before it, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has a number of different factions for players to interact with. Over the course of the game, their actions will either increase or decrease their standings or reputation with these factions, depending on quests or challenges players take or reject as well as things like general behavior or aggression. As expected, letting reputation get too low will result in less-than-fortunate events, while increasing standings will result in more friendly interactions.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw | How to improve standings

The best way to increase standings with factions in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is to be friendly with them. Don't shoot down random crafts, and complete tasks or objectives when available. It's largely the same as it worked in the previous series release, which is likely why it's only touched on briefly in the developer's getting started video, featured below.

In this video (starting around the 18:50 mark), players can see how to find new missions by visiting the bar. In this instance, the bartender provides information about a bounty. After accepting the quest, then tracking and elminating the target, the standing with the police faction increases from zero stars to one blue star.

Though it's only a small change, the blue star indicates an upward progression in the reputation or relationship status with the police. They were happy to have some backup when those ne'er-do-wells started sending laser blasts their way. Of course, it's entirely possible to get on the wrong side of the law, in which case a red star would appear, indicating a negative standing with the faction.

It isn't difficult to increase standing with factions in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: Be a good friend and help out in times of need. Otherwise, feel free to be a monster and ruin all their best laid plans, and watch your reputation plummet into dangerous territories. To learn more about the new Double Damage release, head on over to Shacknews' Rebel Galaxy Outlaw home page.

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