How to get more scrap in Remnant: From the Ashes

Upgrade your gear by farming up a good supply of scrap in Remnant: From the Ashes.


Scrap is the main currency used in Remnant: From the Ashes. It’s used to upgrade gear and purchase new items. Getting more scrap is quite important, especially as you head toward boss fights and delve deeper into the game.

How to get more scrap

Scrap can be acquired from various sources in Remnant: From the Ashes. This makes it a bit easier to farm up a good supply for when you want to upgrade. However, there are things you can do to improve how much scrap you get, and it starts with knowing where to find more.

Remnant From the Ashes scrap farming
Scrap can be found from multiple sources, but one method is to smash and search breakable items like crates.

Scrap is collected from the following:

  • Hidden in corners around the world
  • Breaking open crates
  • In chests
  • Dropped from enemies
  • Rewarded after defeating a boss

As you fight through a level, make sure you’re searching every location. Use the map to find areas you haven’t searched, as they often contain a few scrap. While you’re doing this, keep your eyes peeled for crates you can smash with your melee weapon. These wooden boxes often contain a lot of scrap and some forms of iron.

Remnant From the Ashes Adventurer armor
The Adventurer armor increases the chances that a breakable object will have scrap.

Speaking of smashing things open, Corsus is an excellent location for farming scrap. The houses often contain a whole lot of smashables. What’s more, the Adventurer armor increases the chances of breakable objects dropping loot, so equip a full set before farming scrap.

Much like other Soulsborne games, the enemies in Remnant drop the valuable currency. The more enemies you can defeat, the more scrap you will be able to acquire. One strategy is to rest at a crystal to make enemies respawn, and then kill them again.

Finally, bosses drop all manner of resources. Because they are more challenging, a boss is going offer greater rewards, even generous supplies of scrap. Keep in mind that you may very well need to upgrade your armor and weapons to be able to fight the bosses in the first place.

It’s also worth noting that any scrap your friends pick up will be added to your own inventory. This is why playing Remnant in co-op is a great idea. Not only do you get XP benefits (among other things), anything your allies collect will be collected for you too.

Farming up a good supply of scrap in Remnant: From the Ashes is going to be a bit time-consuming. Try resting at a crystal to make the enemies respawn, and then kill them again. For more helpful guides, check out the Shacknews Remnant: From the Ashes page.

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