Destiny 2 Director's Cut Part 3: Trials of the Nine on indefinite hiatus

Trials of the Nine is most likely not returning any time soon, and Luke Smith outlines where it all went wrong for this Destiny 2 mode.


Ever since splitting from Activision, Bungie has done a much better job communicating with its players and pulling back the curtain a bit. This has never been better displayed than Luke Smith’s recent series of blog posts called Director’s Cut, which has taken on three parts due to its length. The Game Director for Destiny 2 took his third post to discuss a variety of items and discuss a much-anticipated topic, Trials of the Nine.

The short of it is that Trials of the Nine has been and will continue to be on indefinite hiatus. The PvP game mode didn’t land where Bungie wanted it to when Destiny 2 came out, and the studio has shifted their focus on PvP to other priorities. Below is what Smith had to say about Trials of the Nine, but you can read the entire Director’s Cut Part 3 as well.

Destiny 2 Director's Cut Luke Smith

While Smith admitted that Trials of the Nine fell short in Destiny 2, it doesn’t appear that bringing it back is a big priority now. As much as there might be an urge to chastise Bungie over this, the full series of the Director’s Cut (Part 1 and Part 2) has outlined a monumental amount of content, updates, balances, and a roadmap for where the game is going. There were bound to be a couple casualties, and it feels like Trials of the Nine falls pretty far down the ladder here.

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