Nintendo Indie World presentation kicks off on Monday

Tune in Monday for a heaping helping of news on all things indie when it comes to Nintendo.


With Gamescom in sight, we're in for a regular deluge of news when it comes to the latest releases coming down the line. Nintendo is hopping aboard the news train with a new live-streamed Indie World video showcase.

On Monday, Indie World will make its debut with 20 minutes of all-new information on indie games headed to Nintendo Switch. As far as what to expect from the presentation, Nintendo hasn't divulged just yet. But we'll be bringing you all the latest news and happenings from Indie World when it hits the internet, so you can look forward to that.

The Switch has always been a very strong platform when it comes to indie games, so it's no surprise to see Nintendo enthusiastically pushing additional independent titles to the platform. This will be the first indie game stream since Nintendo's Nindies Showcase Spring 2019, so there's likely plenty more to talk about this time around. It's intriguing that the branding is being shifted to Indie World, however, as that's the name the company uses in Japan for its typical Nindies Showcase. It's good to see consistency across the brands, at least.

Keep your eyes peeled, and we'll see you on Monday for some fun Nindies, er, Indie World announcements.

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