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How to sit down in No Man's Sky Beyond

You asked for it and Hello Games delivered. Here's what you need to know to sit down in No Man's Sky Beyond.


No Man's Sky Beyond is here, ushering in a ton of great changes and additions to the three-year-old game. Despite all the big changes like a new social area, ship scale updates, etc. many fans are sure to be excited by all the new additions. Still, though, there's one feature that many players have been asking for and Hello Games has finally delivered. In this guide, we'll teach you how to sit down in No Man's Sky.

How to sit in No Man's Sky

All those pesky chairs can no longer torment you when you visit spaceports or The Space Anomaly. Instead, you can now promptly approach those chairs and sit right down on them. To do this, all you need to do is find an empty chair somewhere in the world -- look at spaceports, The Space Anomaly, and even in bases found throughout the universe. 

No Man's Sky Beyond NPCs
NPCs have become much more responsive to player actions and gestures in No Man's Sky Beyond.

Once you've found yourself a nice, comfy looking chair, approach it and look for the button prompt to appear on your screen. As you can see in the gif we've included from the official patch notes, this prompt is pretty easy to see. When you see the prompt, go ahead and hold down the button it tells you to. This will cause your character to hop up and sit down on the chair.

You're well on your way to being a civilized explorer! For more help in the latest No Man's Sky update, make sure to head back over to our handy No Man's Sky Beyond guides hub. You can also check out more of the patch notes from Beyond by heading over to the article we published this morning

Now that you know how to sit down in No Man's Sky Beyond, it's time to get out there and start sitting on all the chairs that you can find! For the rest of your sci-fi survival needs, check out our No Man's Sky walkthrough and guide.

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