Samsung thinks different about mocking Apple, deletes ads

Samsung appears to walk back its stance on mocking Apple for certain policies and practices.


Remember those Samsung commercials that poked fun at Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone X for ditching the headphone jack? Yeah, those ads have been pulled from YouTube, apparently.

It looks like ever since Samsung debuted its $1,099 Galaxy Note 10+ at Unpacked 2019, Samsung may have changed its tune a bit about what it wants to be known for (or make fun of others for.)

Now that Samsung has decided to follow in Apple's company's footsteps with the Galaxy Note 10, the company has gone ahead and apparently deleted its commercials that insinuated Samsung was "in the right" for leaving its headphone jack intact. Just three years ago, Apple decided to do just that, but received nothing but mockery from Samsung about it.

Similarly, after the iPhone X debuted, Samsung showed off an ad that made fun of the Galaxy Note 8's design, which cribbed from the iPhone X's notch, lack of headphone jack, and more. In fact, Samsung has gone so far as to create ads called "Ingenius" that also made fun of the company's iPhone LTE speeds.

But now, as Business Insider has pointed out, it looks like these commercials are no longer available to watch on YouTube. Samsung certainly didn't make a big affair out of removing them, either. Now that Samsung has basically followed in the iPhone's footsteps, it doesn't seem to have much ground to stand on when it comes to ridiculing the competition.

Shout to mlev in Chatty for bringing this to our attention!

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