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Apex Legends to get limited time Solos mode

A new limited time Solos mode will be available in Apex Legends starting next week.


No official details are available just yet on exactly what the new mode will entail, but Respawn revealed earlier today that they will be running a limited time Solos mode in Apex Legends between August 13 to August 27.

The company hasn't shared exactly what the new Solos mode will be, though Respawn did say that the event would be covered more in-depth when it goes live. The new Solos mode will be a part of the Iron Crown Collection, an upcoming in-game event.

While there isn't much to know about the Solos mode just yet, this is by far one of the most requested features that the developers have seen from the community. It's also the feature that the studio was teasing last week during the latest earnings call. It's one of the first big events that has brought a new feature like this, and we're sure it will be interesting to see how the squad-based shooter tackles one of the battle royale genre's most basic features.

Back when we reviewed the game at its release we talked a bit about the teamwork aspect. In fact, Sam Chandler wrote, “The teamwork component of Apex Legends is arguably better than any other battle royale title to date. While a lot of the strategy and teamwork comes from choosing Legends that work well together, it’s mainly thanks to the ingenious pinging system. Clicking the scroll wheel on the mouse can highlight places to go or items on the ground. These markers can then be pinged by your allies to state that they too wish to go that direction or to “dibs” said item. Any item that someone calls “dibs” on has the marker kept on it, allowing them to easily find the building and room it’s in.” You can, of course, read his full thoughts on the title in our official review.

Apex Legends gets limited time solos mode
Three becomes one when the limited time Solos mode arrives next week.

The teamwork aspect of Apex Legends has always been part of what makes it stand out from other battle royale titles on the market. So, it will be very interesting to see how Respawn tackles the want for a Solos mode while still keeping the core experience of the game. We’ll keep an eye out for more info as the limited time mode grows closer. Make sure you’re ready to dive in between August 13-27 to try out the new Solos mode while it’s here.

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