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Where to find High-Value Targets in Destiny 2

Find High-Value Targets in Destiny 2 so you might defeat them to claim rewards, upgrade certain sets of armor, and complete quests.


Knowing where to find High-Value Targets in Destiny 2 is only half the battle. The other half is working out what Destiny 2 considers a High-Value Target. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of HVTs to be found, and those that do exist are hard to come by. But, if you’re happy to wait around, you’ll find and kill one eventually.

Where to find High-Value Targets

Destiny 2’s Patrol Zones have a few different types of Public Events players can do. One quasi-Public Event is the High-Value Targets. Though they don’t have the whole fanfare of a Public Event (no darkening sky or Ghost announcement), they are announced via on-screen text.

When you are in an area with a HVT, it will state on your screen that one has appeared. You must then track it down and kill it to receive a reward. Depending on your goal, this might complete a bounty, progress a quest, or upgrade a piece of gear.

It’s important to note that Lost Sector bosses, Public Events enemies, Blind Well opponents, and other activities do not have High-Value Targets. Even the roaming enemies that must be hunted for Spider’s bounties don’t count. You must kill very specific enemies which can found in the following areas.

European Dead Zone

Destiny 2 High-Value Targets
There are four locations on the EDZ where High-Value Targets can spawn.

There are four High-Value Targets to be found in the European Dead Zone. These targets are the Despoiler Captain, Impact Centurion, Ransack Vandal and Ransack Servitor. However, a couple of these HVTs spawn in more than one location, allowing you to find six across the EDZ. Wait in the following locations to find one:

  • Trostland
  • Winding Cove
  • The Gulch
  • The Sludge


High-Value Targets Destiny 2
Titan has two locations where High-Value Targets can spawn, but one of these has two HVT possibilities.

There are two High-Value Targets found on Titan, but much like the EDZ, one appears in two locations. Given how small Titan is, this is likely the best place to farm up your required HVT kills, especially if you need to be there for other tasks. The HVTs you can find are: Despoiler Captain and Fissure Knight.

  • Siren’s Watch – Down near the Devil Walker Public Event
  • The Rig


Destiny 2 HVTs
High-Value Targets can spawn in Artifact's Edge and out near the Exodus Black crash site.

For some players, Nessus will be the preferred place to find High-Value Targets. The most memorable being the Despoiler Captain that spawns near the Exodus Black. This HVT can also spawn at Artifact’s Edge, along with the Storm Minotaur.

  • Exodus Black
  • Artifact’s Edge


Destiny 2 find High-Value Targets
There are a few High-Value Targets to be found on Io, with the easiest location being Lost Oasis.

Io is a rather large Patrol Zone, making it not an ideal location to find High-Value Targets. However, if you need to be on Io, you can discover the following HVTs: Storm Minotaur, Storm Hydra, and a Blighted Centurion. Search the following locations and look out for the on-screen prompt:

  • Giant’s Scar
  • The Rupture
  • Lost Oasis

Finding High-Value Targets is easy, but boring. If you don’t find a HVT in one area, you can try another or simply wait around. Just make sure you land some shots on it when it spawns, because if you don’t it won’t count toward your total. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for even more helpful articles.

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