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Red Dead Online update adds three new specialist roles

The Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector are all coming to Red Dead Online soon.


Red Dead Online is adding a smattering of three new specialist roles to the game, including the Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector. These roles will each offer unique progression paths, with special gameplay elements and benefits to let players become more connected to their character.

Bounty Hunters canalize on the fringe of the law, tracking down targets and capturing or killing them. They can also be caught by other players if they have a high enough bounty. Progression for this class will unlock special items like a reinforced lasso, gun-spinning tricks, and plenty fo tracking skills, such as the ability to use Eagle-Eye while sprinting.

Traders specialize in establishing and developing businesses in their Camp. You can take on plenty of new opportunities as a Trader, upgrade your Camp with a Weapons Locker, Stew Pot, and even have your canine friends help to warn you of intruders on camp.

Meanwhile, Collectors specialize in looking around the world in-game for rare and valuable items. You can find a mystic traveling saleswoman out in the wild to get your start on the Collector's path. There's a lot more to learn about each path in the weeks to come, according to Rockstar Games.

The next update will also include new content and improvements, as well as changes being made across the board in terms of combat and movement. The ability to reset your character's appearance will be available as well.

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