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Ooblets will be Epic Games Store PC exclusive

The adorable Ooblets will be making a home on the Epic Games Store.


If you're looking to hang out with cute creatures in the adorable farm life sim Ooblets, you're going to be doing it on the Epic Games Store.

In a recent update, the team at Glumberland took to a blog post to let everyone know that the game would be exclusive to the platform. Wile it will be coming to Xbox One still, the PC version of the game will eventually come to additional storefronts, but not until later in the game's life cycle.

According to Glumberland, the negativity and backlash often surrounding the decisions to become Epic Games Store exclusives is clear to them, but the team finds it a good decision to go ahead with it anyway, as there's more to benefit from, according to the team, than negatives to focus on. Glumberland says the deal has allowed them to both expand their game team and cover essential costs, so they're sticking with the choice they've made.

However, it could end up happening that Ooblets is delayed because of the investment deal, as the team won't have to worry about creating a subpar product in the interest of time because they need additional cash in their pockets.

So we still have no idea when we'll get to play Ooblets, but at least the team is making moves that make sense for self-preservation. We can't wait to see what the game's final version ends up looking like. 

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