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StreamElements launches SE VideoDrop Live service

The new SE VideoDrop Live service will make it easier to simultaneously share movies, video games, and music videos across multiple streaming channels and platforms.


StreamElements is looking to take things a step further in the streaming market with the launch of SE VideoDrop Live, a service that will allow you to simultaneously stream movies, music videos, and video games across several streaming channels and platforms all at once. The idea is a big one, and StreamElements appears to have pulled it off perfectly so far.

SE VideoDrop Live was developed to handle video deployment remotely with cloud-based software. This service basically allows users to stream content across Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Gaming, and other streaming platformers all from one single broadcast. StreamElements recently deployed the service in beta using Liquid Advertising and Wizards of the Coast to help premier Magic the Gathering’s War of the Spark. The trailer for War of the Spark released simultaneously across 22 live streaming channels in perfect sync with the official reveal at PAX East.

StreamElements launches SE VideoDrop Live service
StreamElements offers several options for brands to help get their name out there.

According to a press release about the service, “SE VideoDrop Live illustrates a drastic shift and improvement in working with influencers on large-scale, time and asset sensitive initiatives. It eliminates the risky and cumbersome efforts of sending files to each individual streamer, hoping they are correctly and manually uploaded and displayed in the correct size, resolution, and on-screen location, as well as airing at the precise moment across multiple time zones without accidental leaks or missed windows. In so doing, StreamElements enables brands to effectively leverage the incredible reach, value, and influence of live streamers.”

Furthermore, Scott Clark, the SVP of Brand Partnerships with StreamElements stated in the press release that “Brands are searching for the most effective way to natively and authentically engage with Millennial and GenZ audiences. This group is spending significant time on live streaming platforms, making it the perfect medium to promote films, games, and music. SE VideoDrop Live provides an exciting and hype-building controlled execution in a live environment that is simply not possible in any other medium.”

You can learn more about SE VideoDrop Live by heading over to the official website.

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