Riot Games confirms Teamfight Tactics will be permanent

Four new League champions will be added to the lineup as well.


Riot Games has confirmed that Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends' round-based strategy game, will now be a permanent fixture of the base title.

The mode will continue to receive updates with new patches, additional champions, champion sets, and future ranked seasons. To that end, there will be four new League of Legends champions added to Teamfight Tactics including Camille, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi, all with new Hextech origin, which is a new addition to the game.

Camille the Blademaster has damaging abilities such as the Hextech Ultimatum, which will let her root and damage her current auto-attack target. Jayce the Shapeshifter can use his Thundering Blow and Transform Mercury Cannon to knock back his target and then change to ranged, which will grant him max speed for a few attacks.

Meanwhile, Brawler Vi can use Assault and Battery to target the furthest enemy away and launch toward them, knocking other enemies aside while dealing damage on impact. Finally, Jinx is part of the Gunslinger class, and can use the ability Get Excited. She literally gets more excited each time she scores additional takedowns. After the first one, she'll get additional attack speed. After her second, she'll use Fishbones for AoE damage on Autos.

The new heroes will be playable on the public beta environment (PBE) as soon as the patch debuts on July 31 (today). They'll then make their way to the live servers when patch 9.16 debuts on August 14. You can sign up for Teamfight Tactics now for free, whether you're a player who regularly participates in the game or you're brand new to the game. You can jump straight into Teamfight Tactics if you prefer as well. 

Get out there and get down to business!

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