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Where is the Statue of Heroes in Destiny 2

Learn where to find the Statue of Heroes in Destiny 2, the main statue you will use to get your Drained armor.


The Solstice of Heroes event has arrived in Destiny 2 as has the Statue of Heroes. To begin your journey of unlocking high tier armor and prepare for Shadowkeep, you will be asked to find and meditate at the Statue of Heroes. Knowing where to find the Statue of Heroes in Destiny 2 may not be immediately obvious for some players or there could be an issue with it activating it.

Where is the Statue of Heroes

The Statue of Heroes is located right in the middle of the Tower. You can find it beside Eva Levante, who has moved location from her usual spot over near Ikora Rey. Said statue takes on the appearance of a Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, all posed and ready for battle.

Statue of Heroes Destiny 2
The Statue of Heroes in Destiny 2 is right beside Eva Levante.

This is where most of the statues are located for the in-game events. The reason for this location is that it is front and center, and quite difficult to miss. However, if you do not see the button prompt, it might be easy to mistake it as just another setpiece.

You will only need to know where to find the Statue of Heroes once, and from then on, you certainly won’t forget about it. This giant object is used as the main focal point in handing over rewards. The first time you meditate at it, you will receive the remaining pieces of armor. This armor can be upgraded to improve its various stats, levels, and perks.

Now that you know where to find the Statue of Heroes in Destiny 2, you can get back to playing around in the European Aerial Zone. While I can’t yet confirm, you may need to find the statue again in order to upgrade a full set of armor from Drained to Renewed. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more event guides and weapon suggestions.

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