FIFA 20 details new FIFA Ultimate Team features

FIFA Ultimate Team is getting some new features for the upcoming FIFA 20.


For the FIFA franchise, improving on one of its most popular game modes can prove to be a difficult task. But armed with feedback from its player base, EA Sports is setting out to improve the overall experience. On Tuesday, EA detailed some of the big changes set to hit the FIFA Ultimate Team mode in the upcoming FIFA 20.

The main changes will inovlve improving FIFA Ultimate Team's progression and social elements. Progression will be addressed with new Season Objectives, which will be added to the game's normal daily and weekly objectives. These group objectives will allow players to earn new types of rewards as a group, allowing multiple people to earn rewards at a time. Seasons are expected to last six weeks at a time, with players able to earn XP to increase their tier level. Season rewards will be revealed over the course of the game's life cycle and will be unlocked for completing milestones, such as completing 100 finesse shots, 100 headers, 100 volleys, and 100 chip shots.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Rewards will include items like banners, icons, celebrations, and even a 16-bit FIFA '95 ball. This will open the door for greater club customization options. Beyond customizing their players and their online presence, players can even decorate their stadium the way they want it.

The biggest change to FIFA Ultimate Team will involve a less competitive element called FUT Friendlies. This will allow more casual Ultimate Team players to form any team they want, regardless of their chemistry. They can play with standard rules, but will also find a series of house rules that turn the usual FIFA game on its head. House rules debuted in FIFA 19, but EA is adding a few more to the mix with FIFA 20. Examples include Swaps, which takes three players from each team and randomly switches them; King of the Hill, which places large squares randomly around the pitch and rewards players for controlling the area; and Mystery Ball, which grants players random boosts at various time intervals.

FUT Friendlies will be easy to jump into, whether you're playing locally or online. Players can jump online and search for any playlist based on their favorite FUT Friendly house rule. Most importantly, in order to completely reduce pressure on all players, FUT Friendlies will not come with any sort of penalty for losing. Players won't have to worry about losing their loans or contracts whenever they jump into a FUT Friendly.

This is a small taste of what FIFA 20's updated FIFA Ultimate Team will have to offer. Be sure to check out the FIFA 20 website for more. FIFA 20 is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 24.

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