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Hasbro shows off 8-inch Overwatch figures, exclusive versions

Hasbro showed off plenty of new upcoming Overwatch figures, including Hanzo, Genji, Lucio, and D.Va.


Hasbro has been hard at work on a new series of Overwatch action figures, and Shacknews had a chance to sit down with the company at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 for a first look at what's coming down the line.

The toymaker will be pumping out a long line of Overwatch figures, from the SDCC 2019 exclusive Reinhardt figure seen here with his trusty barrier field to his hammer to Zarya, D.Va, and beyond. For Reinhardt, his included barrier field wraps around the character slightly when outside the package, but inside the package it's set up like a scene from the game. It's $59.99.

Hanzo and Genji come in a special 2-pack for both characters at $39.99 in the US, wearing their classic skins. Lucio is a GameStop exclusive and features his weapon and skates. A four-pack of figures includes D.Va and Pharah in Carbon skins as well as Zarya and Genji to show off the "versatility of Overwatch." It looks like if you want to cop D.Va, you'll have to get some of the characters you may not be as interested in, too – unless you're a huge Zarya or Hanzo fan, maybe. 

For more interviews and highlights from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, be sure to follow Shacknewsand GamerHubTV on YouTube. The show may be over, but we've still got plenty more to come. 

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