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Choose demon, mortal, or ghost in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Find out whether you should choose demon, mortal, or ghost Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


If you’ve ever played a Fire Emblem game, then chances are you already know how important the choices you are often poised can be. In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players must choose whether to answer if they are a ghost, demon, or a mortal when talking with Sothis, one of the game’s primary characters. But what exactly do these choices do, and which one should you pick? Here’s what you need to know.

Choose demon, mortal, or ghost in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Players will find themselves poised with the question of what they are during one of their early conversations with the mysterious green-haired girl, Sothis. Sothis is a vital part of the narrative in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the information that she gives you is often necessary to your progression through the game. Because of the importance that this character has in the story, many have been curious to figure out how their answer affects the rest of the story.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - are you a demon, mortal, or a ghost?
Which answer should you choose? Unfortunately, only one choice matters.

Unfortunately, the real solution is a bit underwhelming. Instead of it offering some kind of massive effect or change, choosing any answer other than mortal will only hit you with a nice scalding from Sothis about how silly you are to think otherwise. Because of this, the only real choice that you can make here is mortal.

After you’re asked this question, you’ll also be asked to set your character’s birthday. This is important because throughout the game, you’ll be instructing your students in various lessons each day. When your birthday rolls around, the leader of your House will reward you with a gift for celebrating another year of life. These gifts offer a nice bit of a stat boosts, which can be useful to get early on in the game. Aside from this, the answers to the questions that Sothis asks you do not appear to have much weight on the actual story. Not in this instance at least.

Now that you know whether to choose demon, mortal, or ghost, be sure to head back over to our Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide hub for even more assistance. You’ll also want to make sure you know how to change costumes and make your main character look more unique.

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