What time does the Fortnite special in-game robot event start?

Another Fortnite in-game special event is about to kick off. Please take a look at all you need to know to drop in on the one-time robot event.


Epic Games is about to do that thing again in Fortnite. Players who drop into the Battle Royale mode at 2:00 PM ET today will be treated to a robot throwdown during the Fortnite in-game special event.

Epic Games has already disabled portals to Battle Royale island in Creative Mode, and Playground has been disabled. The developers also have disabled Custom Matchmaking leading up to the special in-game event. 

How to watch the Fortnite special event?

It's pretty simple to check out the special event in Fortnite. Just drop into the Battle Royale at 2 PM ET. The rumor is that the Giant Robot at the Power Plant is going to throw down with the Monster that was living under Polar Peak. Just login to Fortnite and head to the Battle Royale mode at 2 PM ET to enjoy the in-game event.

What time is 2 PM ET in your time zone?

May Fortnite players are not located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States. Here is a handy dandy link to a time zone converter to help you figure out what time to drop into Fortnite Battle Royale for the special in-game robot event. If you have been asking for a conversion for 2 PM ET to your time, we got you covered.

How long will the Fortnite special robot in-game event last?

Fortnite special events tend to last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the event. The Marshmello concert was one of the longer events, while the destruction of Tilted Towers happened in the blink of an eye. Just be sure to be there at 2 PM ET, or else you could miss all the hot robot action.

Are you going to be playing Fortnite during the robot special in-game event? Let us know what you think in the comments section, and be sure to keep it locked on Shacknews for all of the latest Fortnite news and guides.


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