This War of Mine & Moonlighter free on Epic Games Store

Be sure to nab the two newest free games from the Epic Games Store before they're swapped out for two new titles.


Looking for your regular dose of free games? The Epic Games Store has you covered once more. 

This War of Mine and Moonlighter are the latest free games to hit the Epic Games Store. From today (July 25) through August 1, you'll be able to grab them and play through them, so make sure you add them to your collection fast since they won't be around forever.

This War of Mine finds you taking care of a group of civilians who you're trying to keep alive in a barren city. You need to keep them safe from scavengers, snipers, and other individuals who wish them harm, so you'll spend much of your time working to ensure they have food, water, and other supplies. It's an occasionally harrowing game that portrays the starkness of war as well as how serious it really is.

Moonlighter is an action RPG with rogue like elements that have you playing through the day as a shopkeeper named Will who goes out on adventures in the night since he dreams of saving the day. It's a fun, pixelated throwback that has a little something for everyone.

Our own Kevin Tucker reviewed Moonlighter, awarding it an 8 out of 10. Here's what he thought of it:

"Moonlighter feels like one of the more immediately gratifying action RPGs on the current market. It may not do anything players haven't seen before, but the focus on earning and selling items transforms simple commerce from a banal activity into an addictive process that only gets more entertaining as the game progresses. There are a few annoying flies in the ointment — item descriptions don't always fit on screen, weapons occasionally miss enemies within range, and in-dungeon inventory management sometimes feels too time-consuming — but otherwise, the game's engaging blend of active shopkeeping and dungeon crawling should be more than enough to keep retro-styled action RPG fans smiling."

Be sure to nab both games before they're swapped out for the next batch of games!

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