Minecraft Earth closed beta opens in Seattle and London

Closed beta access on iOS will be rolling out to additional players soon.


If you've been hankering to try out Minecraft Earth, you're in luck – as long as you live in Seattle or London, anyway.

Yes, those in these two locations will be able to try out Minecraft Earth via closed beta, "before the summer is over," according to the Minecraft team. These are the first two cities to have been chosen to play the game, which is available in closed beta on iOS as of today.

But what if you're not in one of these two very specific places? That's okay, as the Minecraft will be making sure to bring access to the game to you a bit later this summer, with more cities announced "in the next few days." For updates on which will be added to the fold, check out Minecraft Earth's official social media accounts for additional information. While it might be a little longer for you to get your hands on it, we've been assured that it's definitely on its way, which is the most important thing. 

For the uninitiated, Minecraft Earth is an exciting new riff on classic Minecraft based on the world of augmented reality. It'll be available for both iOS 10+ and Android 7+ devices, allowing you to play with your own Minecraft "board" using your phone or favorite mobile device as a "lens." You can bring your building and mobs to everyday life, thanks to the power of AR. It's pretty exciting stuff.

Hopefully we'll all get a chance to try it out soon, because it looks like it could be a complete and total game-changer when it debuts. Who wouldn't want to play a portable version of Minecraft they could take anywhere and see in the "real world?" 

While you're waiting, be sure to check out our Minecraft Earth knowledge banks about the important deets on the game before it finally comes out. 

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