Best Walmart 'Prime Day' Deals on TVs, PCs, consoles, & more

Have a look at some of the best "Prime Day" deals in the Walmart The Big Save event, including discounts on televisions, consoles, PCs, gaming laptops, gadgets, and more.


Amazon Prime Day has become such a phenomenon that the company's competitors are now offering virtually identical sales during the same time period. Walmart is one such competitor, and it's offering exclusive deals as part of a sales event called "The Big Save." As you might expect, the event sees huge discounts on tech, gadgets, TVs, computers — all the typical high-dollar items that usually see the biggest price cuts — and buyers can find our choices for the best Walmart 'Prime Day' deals featured below.

Best Walmart 'Prime Day' 2019 Deals | HD Televisions and 4K TVs

Best Walmart Prime Day 2019 deals - 4K HD TVs

TVs keep getting cheaper and cheaper, largely thanks to the budget offerings typically available at Walmart. As users might expect, there aren't many high-end sets to be found during The Big Save. However, many of the sales cover late-model 4K and HDR-capable televisions that offer frankly fantastic fidelity for the price.

Best Walmart 'Prime Day' 2019 Deals | PCs and laptops

Best Walmart Prime Day 2019 Deals PCs gaming laptops chromebooks

If you're in need of a new PC and the huge variety of Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on PCs and gaming laptops don't do anything to whet your appetite, you may just find something appealing at Walmart.

Best Walmart 'Prime Day' 2019 Deals | Google Home and Nest

Best Walmart Prime Day 2019 Deals Google Home Nest Smart Speaker

Amazon uses Prime Day to make a big push for its proprietary Echo and Alexa smart speakers and home devices, but seeing as how Google's smart devices aren't sold on Amazon, Walmart has picked up the slack. Throughout the promotional period, buyers can pick up a Google Home, Home Mini, or Home Max for around half the usual price.

Best Walmart 'Prime Day' 2019 Deals | Video game consoles

Best Walmart Prime Day 2019 Deals - Video Game Consoles

There are only a couple of gaming console deals to be found at Walmart this Prime shopping season, but both discounted bundles at least offer additional extras. For the Xbox One S, the price includes a game of the player's choice plus an extra controller and headset. On the Switch, players can choose from one of five games, and an accessory like a carrying case, screen protector, or portable battery bank.

We're still combing through all the deals that Walmart has to offer, so be sure to check back throughout the rest of the week as we add new sales and discounts.

As it turns out, Amazon Prime Day makes for a fine time to shop at Walmart and take advantage of exclusive Walmart deals. Be sure to hit the official Walmart website to discover all of the latest sales offered through The Big Save, and keep it tuned to Shacknews' Amazon Prime Day 2019 home page to stay on top of the event's biggest price cuts — even if they're at other retailers.

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