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New Borderlands 3 trailer is a celebration of togetherness

Imagine me and you, killing dudes, and lootin' too, I think about it every night, just like I think about Borderlands 3's new trailer.


A new Borderlands 3 trailer debuted today, showing off a dancing Claptrap and a miniature version of Pandora as your favorite Vault Hunters celebrate "togetherness."

Set to the tune of The Turtles' "Happy Together," the trailer shows off some of the characters' abilities, such as Amara's arm-summoning prowess, Zane's shield usage and hologram projection, and of course – looting. As far as trailers go for the upcoming looter shooter, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect, with plenty of colorful, trippy action and plenty of glimpses at what's to come from the latest entry in the franchise.

Shacknews previously went hands-on with Borderlands 3, with Ozzie Mejia enjoying his time with it.

"Borderlands combat feels as smooth as ever, with heavy firepower, crisp firing rates, and low recoil across most of the weapons I used. This is where my own personal hangup with the Borderlands series started to surface and that's that sometimes there are too many guns, as it becomes hard to determine which is most effective, most powerful, or even which is the coolest. For the purposes of this demo, I largely stuck with a rare Tediore SMG, which not only delivered fire damage, but any discarded clips would become their own turrets. Yes, it's guns on top of guns. But even if you're the type to use just one or two weapons, there's more ways to use them than ever. Nearly every gun in Borderlands 3 now has an alt-fire, giving every weapon greater versatility."

As far as when you can expect to be able to play Borderlands 3, it's coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 13. That's just a couple of months away now, so you don't have that much of a wait left before you. Don't forget that it's also coming to Google Stadia in the future as well, but there's no confirmed date for when it'll debut just yet.

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