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Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals - PCs, laptops, consoles & accessories

Here are our choices on the best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on gaming computers, laptops, PC components, consoles, and accessories.


Amazon Prime Day 2019 is live right now, offering hot discounts and deals on PCs, computer components, gaming laptops, consoles, accessories, and loads more. Sorting through the muck can be difficult, especially considering how many discounts are currently available. That's why Shacknews has compiled its choices for the best Prime Day 2019 deals on gaming PCs and accessories. Find our picks for the best sales on laptops, consoles, PC components and more featured below.

This list will continue being updated while Prime Day 2019 is active, so be sure to check back often as we add new deals and discounts.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Best PC Deals

Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals PCs gaming laptops consoles hardware components accessories

This year's Amazon Prime Day is offering plenty of deals on prebuilt gaming PCs, including many powered by Ryzen processors and Nvidia's latest 1660 and 2080 GPUs. All of the usual budget builders are in attendance with strong sales, most notably including iBuyPower and CyberPowerPC.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Best PC Component Deals

The PC gaming scene is always shifting to newer and better hardware, and it's often possible to find last year's components at rock-bottom prices. Amazon Prime Day 2019 is offering discounts on several solid contenders, including gold-rated PSUs and several GeForce GPUs from Zotac, MSI, and Gigabyte. As usual, there are also deals on processors, RAM, storage, and other components for users who look closely enough.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Best Gaming Laptop Deals

Gaming laptops have been getting very cheap in the last few months, which is why its no surprise to see massive discounts during this year's Prime Day event. MSI, Acer, Asus, and several other manufacturers are offering 1660 and 2060-powered laptops right around the magical $1,000 mark, and players who don't mind dropping down to a GTX 1050 Ti can find some quality gaming laptops for right around half that price.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Best PC Accessory Deals

It's not enough having a beefy, powerful computer. To reach true gaming nirvana, players will need the right accessories, including speakers, headsets, extra storage, peripherals, and more. As luck would have it, this Prime Day is chock full of sales on PC gaming accessories and peripherals.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 | Best Console Deals

The Prime Day 2019 love isn't just for PC gaming deals: Amazon is also offering several discounts on consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, including accessories and games. While the sales aren't as drastic as last year's Black Friday deals, there are still good discounts to be found.

There are countless other Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on PCs, gaming laptops, consoles, and accessories to find. We'll continue to update this page with all the best deals, but for the full scoop, head over to Amazon and prepare to fall down the rabbit hole. To learn more succinct details about this year's best deals, catch all the important highlights on Shacknews' Amazon Prime Day 2019 home page.

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