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How to get a Kubrow Egg in Warframe

Learn how to get a Kubrow Egg and complete the Howl of the Kubrow questline in Warframe.


Howl of the Kubrow is an early questline that players can complete in Warframe to unlock access to a special assortment of companions of dog-like creatures. In order to complete this questline, you’re going to need to find a Kubrow Egg. In this guide we’ll discuss how to get a Kubrow Egg, as well as the best ways to find this special item so you can have your own Kubrow in Warframe.

How to get a Kubrow Egg in Warframe

To find a Kubrow Egg, you’re going to need to destroy Kubrow Dens in any Grineer Forest tileset on Earth. Because of the dog-like nature of these animals, be ready to take on packs of them as you explore the world and take out the dens. Each time that you destroy a den, you’ll have a small chance to acquire a Kubrow Egg, which you will need to be able to incubate, hatch, and eventually mature your own Kubrow.

How to get a Kubrow Egg in Warframe

While you can find a Kubrow Egg before you reach this portion of the quest, you’ll be able to keep up with your progress a bit easier once it becomes an active objective. While we’ve had some luck finding out own Kubrow Eggs, it might take some grinding to get your hands on one. You can also sometimes find Kubrow Eggs as a reward for completing Alert missions, though your best chance is to try to grind out missions that include the Grineer on Earth.

Once you have your Kubrow Egg, head back to your Orbiter and toss it in the Incubator. It will take a day or so to incubate the egg, which you can then mature to grow into a full-blown Kubrow. When you’ve grown a Kubrow, you can finally equip it as your companion and have it follow you out on missions. Now that you know how to get a Kubrow Egg, be sure to return to our main Warframe guides hub for even more assistance. You can also follow Shacknews on Twitter for even more content like this.

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