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Does Dragon Quest Builders 2 have multiplayer?

Everything you need to know about Dragon Quest Builders 2 multiplayer.


Available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, Dragon Quest Builders 2 brings more of the fun, quirky block-building of the Dragon Quest Builder series to fans. If you’re looking to dive into the new sandbox adventure, then you probably have a few questions, including does Dragon Quest Builders 2 have multiplayer? We’re here to answer the questions you have, so let’s dive right in!

Does Dragon Quest Builders 2 have multiplayer?

Yes, Dragon Quest Builders 2 does have multiplayer. In fact, you can play with up to three of your friends to build, fight, and collect all around your island. Multiplayer is available on both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game, which means you can team up with your pals no matter which console you decide to play on.

Does Dragon Quest Builders 2 have multiplayer?

On top of multiplayer, Dragon Quest Builders 2 includes a special community notice board feature, which will allow you to show off your greatest creations to the world. It’s a nifty little feature that you can learn more about on the Isle of Enlightenment, so don’t be afraid to explore and test things out. If you want to play multiplayer, then you can invite other players to your island, or even head off to theirs. It’s a great way to explore the crafting system in the game, and really go hands-on with all the different materials and options available to you as a builder.

Multiplayer is a great little feature for Dragon Quest Builders 2, as the game’s sandbox features fit perfectly with the nature of the mechanics. Make sure you invite your friends over and experience the thrill of building massive structures with the help of your pals. For more help with Dragon Quest Builders 2, be sure to check out our main hub. You can also read our Dragon Quest Builders 2 review for even more insight on the newest chapter of the series.

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