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Where to find Ticker in Warframe

Learn how to find Ticker and purchase Debt-Bonds in Warframe.


The Ticker is just one of many vendors and quest givers that players will encounter along their journey through the world of Warframe. Located on Venus, this vendor can be visited to purchase Debt-Bonds, which players can then turn in for exclusive items. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to find Ticker, as well as discuss what you can spend the Debt-Bonds you purchase on.

Where to find Ticker in Warframe

As stated above, Ticker is one of many vendors you can visit in Warframe. To find Ticker, you’ll need to make your way to Fortuna, one of the colonies located on Venus. Fortuna is the Solaris debt-internment camp, which means you’ll find several people around here working to pay off any debts they have to Solaris.

Where to find Ticker in Warframe

To find Ticker, drop into Fortuna and then head to the left from the spawn. You should find a ramp-like column with an elevator attached to it that leads you to a platform above the business shop. Take the elevator up and then turn left underneath the second elevator on the platform. You should see Ticker hanging out in the alcove.

You can speak with Ticker to purchase Debt-Bonds. These are essentially the bonds of the workers' debts that currently reside in Fortuna. Once you’ve purchased these Debt-Bonds, you can use them to either purchase things from Ticker’s Secondhand shop, which contains several various cosmetic items for your Orbiter, or you can trade the bonds for Solaris Standing.

Now that you know how to find Ticker, you can check out the bonds available in the shop. These items refresh often, which means you can check back to see new items up for sale throughout your play sessions. For more help completing other tasks, be sure to check out our Warframe guides hub, and be sure to follow Shacknews on Twitter for more breaking news and strategy content right on your timeline.

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