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How to play Versus Mode in Dr. Mario World

Here's how to jump into multiplayer and start enjoying Versus Mode online in Dr. Mario World.


Would-be physicians and mobile gamers alike are busy clearing stages and curing disease in Nintendo's latest game Dr. Mario World. The latest free-to-start puzzler only has two game modes, and one of them — Versus Mode — only unlocks after certain conditions are met. Here's how to unlock Versus Mode in Dr. Mario World and start playing the game online with friends.

Dr. Mario World | How to unlock Versus Mode

Players first booting into Dr. Mario World will note that the only available mode is the game's main Stage mode. To unlock Versus Mode, keep playing through the main game until you clear level 20. After that, Versus Mode will unlock.

Once unlocked, Versus Mode can be chosen from the game's main screen by clicking on the button with the trophy icon.

After clearing level 20, players will also open up the option to add friends in Dr. Mario World. Assuming they find friends either through Facebook or LINE socia media connectivity, players will see a new Vs. Friends option also appear on the home screen.

Like with the standard Versus Mode, Vs. Friends sees two players duking it out in side-to-side action. The only difference between the two, and it's rather obvious, is that Vs. Friends is the Versus Mode to play when you want to compete against known associates.

To play Versus Mode in Dr. Mario World, players will need to play the main game up until the point where they beat level 20. After that, the Versus Mode will be unlocked, and players can also add their friends and engage in Vs. Friends Mode play. To learn more about Nintendo's latest free-to-start puzzler, be sure to drop by Shacknews' Dr. Mario World home page.

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