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How to add friends in Dr. Mario World

Looking to sync up with your friends to see who is best at eradicating vicious viruses? Here's how to add friends in Dr. Mario World.


The newest Nintendo mobile game has arrived, and players are already making the most out of Dr. Mario World. Aside from returning players to the series' classic puzzler action, the new free-to-start release also allows players to add one another in order to exchange Hearts, compare leaderboard rankings, and dive into Versus Mode. Here's how to add friends in Dr. Mario World.

Dr. Mario World | How to add friends

First things first: Players cannot add or play with their friends in Dr. Mario World until they have beaten level 20. At that point, the button needed to access the Friends menu as well as the Versus Mode will appear on the game's home screen.

Click the Friends icon to be taken into the Friends menu. From here, friends can be added through the usual methods like Facebook integration. After a friend has been added, players will be able to play against them in the Vs. Friends mode.

To play with friends, click on the new button next to the Trophy icon on the game's main menu. It's labeled Vs. Friends, and it's kind of hard to miss. From there, simply select the friend you wish to play with and begin the game.

It's remarkably easy to add friends in Dr. Mario World, especially with Facebook social media integration. The only real hangup is that players need to have reached and beaten level 20. After that, the option to add friends will appear, and the game's Versus modes will open. To learn more about the newest free-to-start mobile game from Nintendo, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Dr. Mario World home page.

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