Nintendo Switch Online will add Rewind for all NES games

There may not be a lot of games on Nintendo Switch Online's NES library, but what is there is about to get a cool new feature.


On Tuesday night, Nintendo revealed two more games set to come to the Nintendo Switch Online library. In keeping with the story of Nintendo Switch Online's NES offerings to this point, they're not particularly exciting. However, that's not the big story to come out of the publisher. The noteworthy item revealed involves an intriguing new rewind feature.

Nintendo Switch Online's new Rewind feature is exactly what it sounds like. This will allow players to press ZL + ZR in order to stop their game and rewind to an earlier point. Think of this as the feature that Capcom has implemented into some of its retro collections, like the Disney Afternoon Collection and the Mega Man Legacy Collection. If you fail at a particularly frustrating moment, simply hit the Rewind button to avoid having to endure the heartache of getting through a totally unrelated difficult stretch.

Nintendo Switch Online's Rewind feature is set to arrive on July 17, along with this month's NES - Nintendo Switch Online offerings.

Oh... I should probably mention what those games are, shouldn't I? Alright, fine. Here's what's coming to NES - Nintendo Switch Online in July.

  • Wrecking Crew: This is another game where Mario and Luigi were moonlighting, as these plumbers continue to have more jobs than Homer Simpson. This time, they're acting as a demolition crew. The idea is to take a hammer and destroy ladders, pipes, walls, and other objects. Also, blow stuff up with explosives!
  • Donkey Kong 3: No, this has nothing to do with Mario. This time around, players take control of a bug exterminator named Stanley, as he sprays insects and protects his greenhouse. Yes, Donkey Kong has involvement here, I swear.

Those games will also be ready on July 17 for all Nintendo Switch Online members. Remember that this isn't all that Nintendo Switch Online has to offer, so if you haven't signed up, look into a $19.99 annual membership.

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