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Simpsons Steamed Hams meme is a Super Mario Maker 2 level

A popular meme is now immortalized in Super Mario Maker 2, and you can jump online and play it now.


Simpsons fans, you're going to want to check out this Super Mario Maker 2 course. Just trust us on this.

"Steamed Hams but it's 3D World" is the latest creation in-game we wanted to spotlight, from creator JFreshSplt. It's a fantastic recreation of the Simpsons "Steamed Hams" bit, if you're familiar with it, and it looks like a ridiculous amount of work went into bringing it to fruition. 

We may have thought we hit peak saturation with this very forced meme long ago, but if you still think "Steamed Hams" is funny, you can have a field day with this admittedly very cool level that this talented person dreamt up. No matter your feelings on The Simpsons or this bit, you've got to hand it to the creator – this level of detail is quite admirable.

The level plays out with expertly-crafted scenes from throughout the episode, which you'll recognize quite readily, if not from watching on your own than from the millions of memes Simpsons gifs throughout the internet emblazoned with that awful Simpsons knockoff font. You know the one!

If you'd like to check it out, use the level ID 2WN-XWF-W8G and jump right in. Just prepare to be floored by this user's dedication to keeping up the joke. In the event you haven't seen the original clip, you can analyze it below.

Now get to work putting your own Mario Maker 2 levels together, because we'd love to spotlight yours, too! We know you've got it in you.

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