StarCraft: Cartooned makes Remastered more animated for $10

StarCraft: Remastered is about to look very different thanks to the folks at CarBot Animations, as StarCraft: Cartooned releases today.


Blizzard spent years giving the original StarCraft a fresh coat of paint, creating a more realistic-looking adventure with StarCraft Remastered. Now the publisher has gone back and given the original StarCraft a second coat of paint, but this one looks... noticeably different. This one looks less realistic and more whimsical, as Blizzard debuts StarCraft: Cartooned.

StarCraft: Cartooned is the original StarCraft game with a much more animated appearance, courtesy of the folks at CarBot Animations. It looks less like the classic Blizzard art style and much closer to something from the twisted minds at The Behemoth. Every single unit, map, and texture has been given an animated art style, with the fresh animation extending to both the single-player campaign and competitive online multiplayer modes.

StarCraft Remastered first released on PC and Mac back in August 2017, but CarBot Animations has been in business for much longer. Founded in August 2012, the CarBot Animations YouTube channel has offered whimsical illustrations for Blizzard's entire library of games, including World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Hearthstone. The channel continues to pump out content on a regular basis, recently launching the seventh season of its StarCrafts web series.

The StarCraft: Cartooned project does mark the team's biggest collaboration with Blizzard to date. It also acts as the first major texture pack for StarCraft Remastered, period. Though it should be noted that this is not CarBot's first collaboration with Blizzard. In the past, the lovable cartoon characters from the CarBot shorts have found their way into StarCraft II as a full bundle of emoticons, portraits, and decals.

StarCraft: Cartooned is launching with a $9.99 price point on Of course, you'll need the base StarCraft: Remastered game in order to run it. Fortunately, Blizzard is also offering a complete bundle for first-time buyers.

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