Where are the Moments of Triumph 2019 in Destiny 2?

Having trouble finding the Moments of Triumph 2019 in Destiny 2? Don't worry, they're in a weird spot, but we'll show you exactly how to access them.


As I logged into Destiny 2 after the July 19, 2019 reset to begin my Moments of Triumph 2019, I was unable to find where they were listed. Of course, I checked the Triumphs tab, as well as the slightly improved tab for Pursuits, but nothing. Turns out they were right under my nose, so here’s where you can find them in case you have the same problem.

Where are Moments of Triumph 2019?

Moments of Triumph 2019 Location

To find the Moments of Triumph 2019, log into Destiny 2 and choose one of your characters. Once you can access that character’s Triumph, bring them up. Move over to the Triumphs tab, then look at the very bottom of the page on the left side. Under the Seals section, look for Moments of Triumph: MMXIX. If you open that Seal, there will be list of what needs to be completed, as well as how much progress you have already made.

Quite a few of these Moments of Triumph will already be completed if you play frequently, but there are going to be a few that you haven’t finished, if for no other reason than progress couldn’t begin until today. Luckily, Guardians have until August 27, 2019 to complete all the Moments of Triumph if they plan to unlock the MMXIX title. For a complete list of what you need to do, visit our Moments of Triumph 2019 guide.

Now that you know how to find the Moments of Triumph 2019, be sure to visit the Destiny 2 complete strategy guide we have been building for nearly two years. It’s full of information that can help Guardians of all tenure and skill level, making sure that your journey through Bungie’s universe is as rewarding as it can possibly be. Go forth, Guardian, and grow fat with strength.

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