How to get Sign of Celebration Emblem in Destiny 2

Show off your support of the Bungie Foundation with the unique Sign of Celebration emblem in Destiny 2.


There are a lot of exclusive items in Destiny 2 and Sign of Celebration emblem is the latest. Players looking to flaunt their support of Destiny 2, Bungie, and charities, would do well to unlock this particular emblem.

Sign of Celebration

The Sign of Celebration emblem is a special reward for those who purchase an item from the Bungie Store before July 13, 2019. This emblem is for use in Destiny 2 and shows Bungie’s iconic 7th Column on a purple background with swords.

Sign of Celebration Emblem Destiny 2
The Sign of Celebration emblem is a limited-time reward for purchasing an item through the Bungie Store during the Bungie Day week-long celebration.

The reason this emblem is being released was discussed in a blog post on Bungie’s site. On the seventh day of the seventh month each year, the community (and Bungie), celebrate a day called Bungie Day. This was a date chosen by the community and is now used by Bungie as a reason to reveal information, put on special events, and otherwise acknowledge the community and do some good.

Picking July 7th was no accident. Bungie has a long history with loving the number seven. There have been several Easter eggs in their games that point to this number and it plays an important role in the company’s mythos.

Unlocking the Sign of Celebration emblem is pretty simple. As long as you’re within the right timeframe, just purchase an item from the Bungie Store and you will receive a code unlocking the emblem in Destiny 2.

After a purchase is made, you will be emailed a code which you must then input through Bungie’s code redemption portal. You can then find the Sign of Celebration emblem either in your inventory or in your collection.

Collecting all the emblems in Destiny 2 is no small feat. There are hundreds, with some attached to extremely difficult challenges in game and others given away during limited-time sales. The Sign of Celebration emblem will show others your support of Bungie and the Bungie Foundation. Head over to the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more item unlock guides.

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