Fortbyte #62 - Find abandoned mansion in Fortnite

Learn how to find Fortbyte #62, which is accessible with the Stratus outfit within an abandoned mansion in Fortnite.


If you want to obtain Fortbyte #63 for your collection, then you’re going to need to make your way to an abandoned mansion while wearing the Stratus outfit. In this guide we’ll tell you how to get the Stratus outfit, as well as how to find the abandoned mansion in Fortnite. This will allow you to pick up Fortbyte #62, unlocking one more piece of the massive puzzle that Fortnite players have been working to solve over the past several weeks.

Fortbyte #62 – Find an abandoned mansion in Fortnite

To unlock the Stratus outfit, you’re going to need to reach Battle Pass tier 71. The outfit will unlock automatically. If you’re trying to complete enough challenges to reach this Battle Pass level, then make sure you check out our Fortnite guides hub for help with the more difficult challenges.

To find the abandoned mansion, you’re going to need to look along the right-hand side of the island. Just north of the racetrack, between the track and Lonely Lodge, you’ll see an estate along the coast. This is the abandoned mansion that you need to visit. Make your way over here and then look for the Fortbyte next to some of the rubble along the southern portion of the mansion.

Fortbyte #62 - Find abandoned mansion in Fortnite

When you’ve collected the Fortbyte, you can head back out into the world and fight for your chance to be the last person standing. Of course, as with any Fortbytes that have appeared this season, you’ll find several other people around the area looking for the item. Make sure you’re ready to fight, or at least get to the Fortbyte before you end up dying in the crossfire.

With Fortbyte #62 collected, you should now know how to find the abandoned mansion in Fortnite. For more help and the latest news, make sure you follow Shacknews on Twitter, where we’ll deliver all the newest content right to your timeline.

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