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Hearthstone asks 'What's this?' in new expansion tease

King Togwaggle has uncovered some trouble, as Blizzard teases the next expansion for Hearthstone.


It's been a couple of months since Hearthstone launched an all-out onslaught of evil! And while the Dalaran Heist looks to have been a successful endeavor for the League of E.V.I.L., there are still some questions regarding what Rafaam's master plan ultimately entails. But it looks like the next step is on its way.

King Togwaggle is continuing to settle into his new role as the League of E.V.I.L's master thief. But as he looks to complete his latest heist, his greedy nature leaves him unable to resist the temptation of flipping over a nearby Hearthstone card. The anthem of the League of Explorers blares in his ears, as he hastily puts the card back and comes to the realization that trouble is coming.

Hearthstone has been quite busy, as of late. Earlier this week, Blizzard revealed some new additions to the Hall of Fame set, while also revealing some major additions to the Classic Hearthstone set. Those changes have not yet gone into effect, but are set to kick in with the game's next major update, which appears to be imminent. Meanwhile, the big Rise of the Mech event updated several cards from the Boomsday Project with noteworthy buffs.

But what does today's tease mean for Hearthstone and the ongoing year-long storyline that continues to unfold throughout the Year of the Dragon? Whlie the Rise of Shadows introduced players to a returning group of villains, will the next expansion focus on a courageous group of heroes to oppose the bad guys? And will those heroes consist of some familiar faces, like those from the League of Explorers?

These questions and more will be answered next week, with Blizzard revealing a July 1 date. That's this Monday, so stay tuned, because it looks like players will find out what's next for Hearthstone very soon.

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