Minit is now available on iOS and Android

The ingenious twist on time-looping games with an RPG lilt comes to mobile devices, which it's absolutely perfect for.


Charming indie adventure Minit captured the hearts of those looking for something new and exciting to play when it brought its unique gameplay loop to consoles and PC in 2018.

Now, it's brought its intriguing mixture of time loop and traditional RPG mechanics to iOS and Android. It's available today and you can pick it up right now to enjoy on your work commute –or while sitting on the throne! That part is up to you.

The monochromatic journey plays out in 60-second intervals, hence the game's title. Along the way, you'll take on a variety of different enemies, explore to find your way around, solve puzzles, and find items you need to succeed. When a minute passes, however, the "day" ends and you have to do it all again. It's all about figuring out shortcuts, the fastest ways to do things, what to bypass and what to do, and all of those other important details as time passes. Oh, and it's also insanely fun. 

Shacknews named Minit one of the team's favorite indie games of E3 2018, and it absolutely deserved the honor. Here's what we had to say about it:

"Minit may look like a Game Boy game, and in some ways it feels like one. Most Game Boy titles were best enjoyed in fits and spurts. Minit plays the same way, because that's the only way you can play it: every session last 60 seconds, but your progression carries over from session to session. It's a clever mechanic that tickled my tendency to write a mental errands list--kill the crabs, visit the shopkeeper, get the coffee, okay, got it, now to move the box in the second screen to the north--while I played. It also induces urgency to actions as banal as moving from screen to screen, and the rapidity of its sessions will keep you playing (and playing, and playing) in an effort to solve just one more puzzle and advance just one more screen."

Check out its retro aesthetic and exciting gimmicks on your smartphone now for just $5. Go on now, don't be scared. It's okay to take some time out today and play something awesome. No one's going to tell on you, certainly not us. 

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