Apex Legends Season 2 trailer shows off ranked mode & rewards

Check out all the new content coming to Apex Legends Season 2, aptly-named Battle Charge.


If you're still tearing it up in Apex Legends, you'll be happy to know that Respawn's battle royale shooter is getting a hefty new update starting on July 2.

The update will launch with a new legend, its second seasonal battle pass, and plenty of changes to the map. Apex Legends Season 2 is called Battle Charge, and it will bring about a string of structural changes to the King's Canyon map as well as introduce the character Wattson.

Wattson was first revealed during E3 2019, but now we get to see a bit more about her and her penchant for building electricity traps as well as her backstory. Most interestingly, however, is the introduction of larger monsters to the map. You'll see enormous Leviathan beasts roaming around in the water near the edges of the island, and if you see them you should probably keep away. Some entity named Crypto (who might end up being the next legend) might be behind an attack on the Repulsor tower, which means the Leviathans may be able to hop on over and do what they please.

The game will feature roaming dragons and Leviathans that you'l have to avoid, which looks and sounds as awesome as you might imagine. Just like in Fortnite, with these changes to the map, there will undoubtedly be physical repercussions for to the chaos caused by the massive monsters.

For those primarily interested in tearing things up, the new L-STAR machine gun will be coming with the update as well. When the changes have landed and the dust has settled, be sure to check back at Shacknews for updates on the latest season of Apex Legends and all the exciting stuff to come of it. 

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