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Total War: Three Kingdoms Reign of Blood DLC Pack announced

Reign of Blood, the newest DLC pack to land in Total: War Three Kingdoms, introduces a new level of blood and gore.


War is bloody business, and the latest DLC pack for Total War: Three Kingdoms aims to make it even more bloody. In a new content pack appropriately titled Reign of Blood, players will be able to enjoy the game's signature battles with a fresh new coat of blood-red gore.

There's no beating around the bush here: Total War: Three Kingdoms' Reign of Blood DLC simply adds more blood and gore to the game. In fact, the DLC's Steam page indicates that "depending on your country of residence, the Reign of Blood Effects Pack may raise the age-rating of the main game."

These new effects include not only an increase to the amount of blood on screen, but also several new animations depicting fatalities such as decapitation or even horse dismemberment. Here are all the new effects offered in Reign of Blood:

Campaign effects:

  • New campaign event-pictures depicting blood and gore
  • New blood effects for battle-resolution combat animations between characters

Battle effects:

  • Human dismemberment: limb-lops and beheadings
  • Equine dismemberment: leg lops
  • Charred bodies
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts
  • New death animations for characters vs infantry
  • Dead bodies as battlefield set-dressing
  • Blood scaler: increase or decrease the level of gore to your tastes

With added levels of gore, violence, and geysers of gushing blood, the Total War: Three Kingdoms Reign of Blood DLC effects pack is sure to make the game a bloody mess. Watch for its release tomorrow on June 27, where it will me made available on Steam for $2.99. Beyond that, stay on top of this year's biggest games by checking out Shacknews' 2019 video game release date schedule.

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