StreamElements live stream tech suite comes to Facebook Gaming

Everyone's favorite live streaming toolkit is coming to Facebook. StreamElements announced Facebook Gaming integration today.


StreamElements is a driving force behind a lot of live streamers on Twitch, and the company has announced integration with the largest social media company in the world. StreamElements live stream technology is coming to Facebook Gaming and it is bringing the tools and services for production, audience engagement, and monetization. StreamElements will be an all-in-one tool for Facebook Gaming's live streamers. The integration will provide Facebook with a cloud-based collection of tools.

Here are some more details on StreamElements' Integration Features coming to Facebook Gaming:

OBS.Live: This is StreamElements' add-on to OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) project, software for video recording and live streaming. OBS.Live is optimized for gaming and IRL (in real life) live streaming with easy access to chat, activity feeds, tipping, and overlays.

KappaGen: A StreamElements feature for celebrating key moments during a stream by creating an on-screen explosion of chat emotes.

HypeBoss: This turns a stream into a massive boss battle with the streamer being the first boss complete with their own HP bar. Viewers are able to deal damage to the HypeBoss by interacting with the stream such as by following, subbing, tipping, and more.

HypeCup: An event visualizer — in a cup. When fan-driven actions like subscriptions, follows, and tippings occur, it triggers an alert which drops a token into a virtual cup and scrolls a message across the screen. 

Media Request: This feature lets viewers request favorite songs and videos, including the ability for streamers to enable video link posting in exchange for tips. 

StreamReports: After each broadcast, creators will receive a data-driven report that tracks their progress such as new peaks in their viewer count, increases in unique fans in chat, and increases in tips.

The integration is aligned with StreamElements’ focus on being wherever content creation is flourishing. Each month more than 700 million people play games, watch gaming videos, or engage in gaming groups on Facebook, making it an ideal destination for expanding creator tools and features.

“Facebook continues to make great strides with their overall growth in gaming content, including the live streaming space," said StreamElements CEO Doron Nir. "This makes now the perfect time to integrate with Facebook Gaming. By bringing our comprehensive set of tools to their platform, our goal is to help their creators make a living while doing what they love.”

“We’re always looking for new ways to make live streaming easier and more rewarding for our growing community of gaming creators,” said Colin Creitz, engineer for Facebook Gaming. “The new StreamElements integration makes it even easier for Facebook Gaming creators to flex their creativity, manage their streams, engage with their communities and earn money while they do it.”

Several streamers from the Facebook Gaming community will be doing streams this week that will showcase StreamElements features on the new platform. You may have seen some of these sweet StreamElements stream events while watching our Shacknews Twitch streams. The lineup of Facebook Gaming streamers will include: StoneMountain64, Ricky Live, PH GAMER, Kiszak, Canal do Tchelo, NorkaGaming, and more. It's great to see StreamElements continue to grow in a platform-agnostic way that will benefit all streamers who use the platform.


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