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Hitman 2 reveals New York as first Expansion Pass location

A new Hitman 2 trailer has revealed that the first Expansion Pass location is New York. Players can head to the Big Apple starting on June 25.


The latest Hitman 2 trailer showcases the first Expansion Pass location will be New York. Agent 47 is taking his murderous talents to Wall Street. Please take a look at the reveal trailer.

Hitman 2 players can head to New York starting June 25. The location will be playable for all Expansion Pass and Expansion Pack 1 owners. New York is an entirely new sandbox that features The Bank (Golden Handshake) campaign mission. There will be a contracts mode for the mission, as well as achievements, unlocks, new challenges, and more. NY also includes its own Mastery Progression system. Players can also unlock a sweet new double-breasted trench coat for Agent 47 called The New Yorker. The NY location also introduces a customized Bartoli 12G shotgun and other new items which will carry over to new locations and missions down the line. 

Agent 47 in The New Yorker trench coat available in Hitman 2's Expansion Pass.
Agent 47 wearing The New Yorker trench coat available in Hitman 2's Expansion Pass.

The team at IO Interactive detailed what to expect from the Mastery Unlockls going forward in a post about The Golden Handshake campaign mission. Agent 47 will have two objectives when he hits the bank: Eliminate Athena Savalas and Obtain Vault Data Core/Backup Data. Davis is the NY Banking Director of financial giant Milton-Fitzpatrick. "Rumors of wanton gambling with client money and the bank’s finances are beginning to catch up to her and with the board of directors looking for a new CEO of Milton-Fitzpatrick, Savalas is eagerly covering her tracks, using any means necessary." Sounds like Wall Street.

The Hitman 2 Expansion Pass costs $39.99 and includes both Expansion Pack 1 and Expansion Pack 2. Hitman 2 Gold Edition includes the Expansion Pass and will run you $99.99. It does include all the new expansion locations, challenges, new Sniper Assasin maps, outfits, weapons, and even a shiny Italian black leather briefcase. 

The Hitman 2 Expansion Pass releases on consoles and PC in June 25.
The Hitman 2 Expansion Pass releases on consoles and PC in June 25.

The Hitman 2 - New York update file size is 2.5 GB on PC and 3GB on consoles. Release time varies based on platform and region:

Xbox One (Global): June 25, 13:00 UTC
PS4 (Europe): June 25, 13:00 UTC
PS4 (North America): June 25, 15:00 UTC
PC (Global): June 25, 17:00 UTC

PS4 (Asia): June 26, 03:00 UTC
PS4 (Japan): June 26, 03:00 UTC

Hitman 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can also check out Kevin Tucker's review of the game, in case you missed it.


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