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Star Control: Origins update v1.4 patch notes improves visuals

Star Control: Origins update v1.4 is out and it drastically improves the visuals of the game with new textures. Check out the patch notes to find out more.


Star Control: Origins just dropped their v1.4 update and it drastically updates the visuals and game performance for the better. Check out the update trailer.

Here are the Star Control: Origins update v1.4 patch notes:

Star Control: Origins v1.4 Changelog


  • Updated planet surface textures to be more detailed.
  • A small improvement of the terrain rendering system to improve the frame rate.
  • Improved lighting of the planet surface
  • Improved the textures on many props (glowing tentacles, glowing mushrooms, bones)
  • Make the Bull critter appearance a bit brighter
  • Improved the lander texture to make the windows stand out better
  • Updated the magma hazard visual effect to improve performance


  • Listener orientation is no longer backward in a true 5.1 setup
  • Fix for some particles not being properly aligned to the surface
  • Fix for particle sorting and disappearing issue
  • Fixed several crashes related to the particle effects trying to escape the bounds of known reality.  


  • The "Observers"  are now known as the "Arilou"

The developers at Stardock have been listening to their community's feedback and have addressed particle sorting and crashing in the game. The v1.4 update also comes with updated lore for Star Control: Origins. Aliens previously known as the Observers will now be called the Arilou. It's canon now, so deal with it. The ships they pilot will also be renamed. The update also features enhanced terrain textures and lighting that have lead to serious visual improvements. All of this comes with improvements to the overall performance of the game in update v1.4.

Star Control: Origins v1.4 update really kicks up the visuals by a serious notch.
Star Control: Origins v1.4 update really kicks up the visuals by a serious notch.

Star Control: Origins is available on SteamGOG, or Stardock for $29.99. You can also head to the official Star Control website for more information. You could also tweet at Daniel Perez @xbbx on Twitter and he will be happy to talk to you more about the game or any of the other Stardock apps like Groupy. 


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