How to pre-register for Dr. Mario World on iOS and Android

Pre-registration is now open for any iOS or Android users looking to jump into Dr. Mario World the moment the game becomes available. Here's how to sign up.


Dr. Mario World is the latest free-to-start mobile game from Nintendo, and it's slated to release in the early part of July. However, mobile users on iOS or Android who want to secure their place in the good doctor's queue can pre-register for the game starting today. Here's how the process works.

Dr. Mario World | How to pre-register

Dr. Mario World will release for iOS and Android on July 10, 2019, but users can pre-register now to be notified when the game finally becomes available. The process couldn't really be much more simple: Users only need to head to the storefront of their choice and click the button labeled "Pre-register" or something to that effect.

For either iOS or Android mobile, users can find the pertinent links to their respective storefronts over on the Dr. Mario World website. On Android, users will be directed to the Google Play Store listing, where they can simply tap Pre-register to have a notification delivered to their phone when the game is ready for download. The process is practically identical on the iOS App Store, except the required button is simply labeled "GET."

That's all there is to it. Users can expect a notification from their phone's operating system when the game becomes available, and may also additionally receive a notification email with the option to download. Either way, the game will become available to download starting on July 10.

Pre-registering for Dr. Mario World is easy as can be, and both iOS and Android users will be notified the moment the game becomes available. Like the rest of Nintendo's free-to-start mobile offerings, players can expect to see their favorite characters come alive straight from their smartphone. To stay on top of other hot game launch dates for this year, head over to Shacknews' 2019 video game release date schedule.

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