Overwatch takes Baptiste's Reunion Challenge for epic skin

Overwatch has some cool cosmetics for its latest character, daring the community to take Baptiste's Reunion Challenge.


On Monday, Blizzard graced Overwatch fans with some reading material to kick off the week. It was a story of Overwatch's newest combat medic, Baptiste. But if anyone thought that this story was simply a standalone read that didn't tie into anything important, then they haven't followed Overwatch for very long. Of course this has set the stage for a whole new event, with Baptiste as the featured character.

Baptiste Reunion Challenge

Baptiste's Reunion Challenge capitalizes on the lore introduced by Monday's short story. Players will be encouraged to play through Overwatch as they normally would to earn some cool Baptiste-related cosmetics. Simply jump into Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade mode. Winning three games will earn a Baptiste Player Icon. Six victories will earn two Baptiste-related Sprays. The big prize comes with nine wins, which rewards players with the Battle Medic Baptiste epic skin. That's not all, though. More Sprays will be made available on Twitch. Watch participating Twitch streamers to earn up to six new Sprays for six hours' worth of views.

This event also introduces a very cool non-Baptiste related feature, one that the community has waited quite a while for. The long-awaited Replay feature is making its way into Overwatch. Players can now check out their past Overwatch games from any point of view, whether it be from a different player or a different vantage point. This will only last for the duration of a patch, just like it does for Highlights. So if Overwatch ever updates to a fresh patch, those old replays will no longer be supported. Be sure to check out the Overwatch website for more information.

Baptiste's Reunion Challenge begins today and will run through Monday, July 1. If you're looking for more background on this challenge or if you're simply interested in learning more about Baptiste, you can read all of What You Left Behind right now.

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