Moons of Madness includes many references to The Secret World

Get ready to lose your mind while isolated on a Mars base a million miles from home.


Moons of Madness is a science fiction and psychological horror game being developed by Rock Pocket Games. Shacknews had the pleasure of chatting with Ivan and Natasha about their upcoming title, published by Funcom, at E3 2019.

One of the biggest reveals was that Moons of Madness is actually set in The Secret World universe. Players familiar with the title will be able to find references to Funcom’s MMO. In saying this, the developers were quick to point out that while the references exist, knowledge of The Secret World isn’t required to understand what’s happening in Moons of Madness.

The developers really toyed with the notion of isolation in Moons of Madness. As an astronaut on a moon base, you are entirely alone. Outside of the habitat is a harsh and oxygen-less void while inside is stark and lonely.

While you are alone, you will be in direct contact with your colleague, who sounds as if he’s in another habitat. This is reminiscent of Firewatch, where the two strangers grow a rich friendship over the course of a summer. Though Moons of Madness will likely deal with different sorts of heartbreak.

Pacing is another big factor in the horror of Moons of Madness. Ivan spoke to the need to have moments where the player is calm in order to truly scare them at the right times. Constantly being in a state of fear does not work, and can be exhausting.

Puzzles and story elements also make for an important aspect of the game. While they can be used to calm the player down, they are also pivotal in building a richer world. Though puzzles are used as a calm moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if some horror starts creeping in just as we’re trained to trust them.

In terms of actual gameplay and dealing with monsters, Ivan revealed that for the most part, players will be running from threats. This is rather similar to the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, where the monster cannot be fought but must be eluded. It’s sounding like a horrifying affair, especially given the team’s desire to emulate Lovecraftian eldritch horrors.

Moons of Madness is due out on October 31 and will be available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and PlayStation 4.

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