Destroy All Humans remake dev talks changes and features

Destroy All Humans! is being remade, and Shacknews gets the inside scoop on all of the updated version's latest changes, tweaks, and new features.


Given that video games are meant to be fun, sometimes it helps to make one that is overtly amusing. As players are likely aware, the comedic stylings and parodical purity of Destroy All Humans! makes for an action/adventure experience that's hard to beat. Best of all, the game's first iteration is being completely remade by the folks over at Black Forest Games, who aim to reintroduce the franchise to the world with a fresh (and funny!) new experience.

Shacknews was able to speak with Onurhan Karaagacli, development director at Black Forest Games, to learn all about the new release — its inspirations, its goals, and all of latest tweaks and changes the team has implemented to make sure it's the most far-out experience yet. Check out our interview in the video embed below.

As Karaagacli says, the new Destroy All Humans is not a remastered version — the work goes beyond a few new texture packs and a higher resolution. Instead, it's a full-on remake, meaning players can expect a more modern experience that touches on just about everything in the game. In particular, everything from "the flow, the user controls, the run-and-gun experience, everything visually, and [all of the other] gameplay features have been built from scratch."

Of course, the team doesn't want to stray from the formula that made the original game such a hit with fans. That means they've made a particular effort toward keeping the game's humor intact:

"One of the strengths of the game is the humor, the comedy. The comedy comes out stronger with the remade characters, the cutscenes, the interactions — the more emotion you can display on the main characters, especially. We have also been enhacing and changing the controls for better modern implementation that [is better suited to] the audience now."

There's no release date for the remake of Destroy All Humans! just yet, but Black Forest Games hopes to launch the title for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in the spring of 2020. Be sure to subscribe to both Shacknews and GamerHubTV for all the latest developer interviews and gameplay footage straight from the E3 showroom floor.

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