E3 2019: Cadence of Hyrule release date announced

From the developer of Crypt of the Necrodancer comes a new Zelda title.


A sequel to Breath of the Wild wasn’t the only Zelda game revealed at E3 2019. Cadence of Hyrule, a new rhythm-based Zelda experience, is due out on the Nintendo Switch on June 13, 2019. Please check out the trailer below!

Cadence of Hyrule

The influence for Cadence of Hyrule should be immediately obvious to anyone who has any experience with Crypt of the NecroDancer. The reason for this is that it’s by the same creators. Players will take on the role of Cadence as she adventures across Hyrule set to the rhythmic thumping of some sweet beats.

Unlike usual Zelda titles were the action takes place at whatever pace you desire, Cadence of Hyrule looks to reward timing. This is the main feature of Crypt of the NecroDancer, where the closer to the rhythm of the music that you can perform moves, the better the moves will be.

It isn’t just Cadence invading Hyrule as players can also choose to play as Link and Zelda. In Crypt of the NecroDancer, the different characters had different abilities and features, so we could very well see Link and Zelda interacting with the world in different ways.

Cadence of Hyrule is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on June 13, 2019, which is incredibly close!

As mentioned above, Cadence of Hyrule wasn’t the only Zelda-themed title announced during Nintendo’s E3 2019 showcase. A sequel to Breath of the Wild has been revealed with a teaser trailer and an announcement that it has started development. Given it’s so early in production, we may not see this sequel until late 2020, and even likely 2021.

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